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October 5 – 9, 2020


Answers in Genesis

Quick Answers to Social Issues softcover book by Bryan Osborne

The passion and purpose of Bryan Osborne's book, Quick Answers to Social Issues, is to equip you with clear, concise biblical answers to effectively stand on God’s Word and boldly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ on the frontlines of today’s battle! 

Retail price:$12.99

Special offer: $10.99 with code QA20KNM


Quick Answers to Tough Questions softcover book by Bryan Osborne

Quick Answers to Tough Questions gives you quick and concise answers to the tough questions that are often posed to believers regarding creation and evolution, age of the earth, Noah's Ark, death and suffering and more!

Retail price: $12.99

Special offer: $10.99 with code QA20KNM



Quick Answers to Tough Questions DVD by Bryan Osborne

Retail price: $12.99

Special offer: $9.99 or $5 when purchased with both books using code QA20KNM


This faith-building and humor-filled talk will equip you to answer over 20 of the most-asked questions about creation, evolution, science, and the Bible, opening the door to sharing the gospel. Order both Quick Answers books with DVD and save $12 using code QA20KNM.


Mystery Island VBS Super Starter Kit + Digital

Retail price: $288

Special offer: $230 with code QA20KNM

This Super Starter Kit with Contemporary Music and VBS Digital Pro includes all the basics you need to plan an amazing VBS, plus more. Easily register students and volunteers, customize your registration forms, send reminder emails, download your data, and more.



Family Fun 7-DVD Combo

Retail price: $87.93

Special offer: $55.99 with code QA20KNM

Don't miss this special offer - seven faith-building films the whole family will enjoy! Join real-life adventurer, Buddy Davis, and a "Wild" missionary family (the fun-loving sons of Mike and Libby Wild), for hours of wholesome family entertainment!


NOTE: the discount code will expire October 31, 2020.


Cokesbury Kids


A colorfully illustrated children's Bible storybook that will engage the children through simple storytelling and open-ended questions that encourage wonder about the Bible story and make connections between the Bible and their lives. Includes 150 stories! 

Retail value: $21.99





Got a volunteer crisis? Need help choosing curriculum? Wondering how to balance ministry, health and life? This handy handbook offers advice and how-to's on all this and more from seasoned ministry leaders, as well as relatable church life anecdotes.

Retail value: $17.99



New Growth Press


Ancient psalms are made ever new in this beautifully designed children’s book. Your children may know of the Psalms, but with WonderFull by Marty Machowski, young readers learn to use the whole book of Psalms to pray, worship, and find help through the challenges life is certain to bring. 

Retail Price:  $29.99

Special Offer: 35% off retail.  Coupon code – KIDMIN20




Buster Tries to Bail

 Buster Bunny is stressed out as he trains for the upcoming race—so stressed he tries to bail! Through a true-to-life story that includes an intense coach and worried parents, young readers will learn to recognize and deal with the stress from inside and outside by turning to Jesus for help in trouble. 

Retail Price: $15.99

Special Offer: 35% off retail.  Coupon code – KIDMIN20 - Expires October 31, 2020



 Caspian Crashes the Party

Caspian Squirrel is jealous of the attention his brother Jax is getting on his birthday. Through captivating illustrations and a true-to-life story, this helps young readers recognize jealousy and its destructive aftermath, and then points them to the contentment that comes from trusting Jesus.

Retail Price: $15.99 




Halle Takes a Stand

Halle Hedgehog wants to fit in with her friends, but when they decide to exclude a girl in their class, Halle doesn’t know what to do. Through beautifully illustrated pages, this helps young readers deal with the pressures of fitting in, finding courage through Jesus.

Retail Price: $15.99




Jesus Came for Me

This beautifully designed board book tells the true story of Christmas to toddlers and preschoolers. Young children learn that God helps us believe and wait for him—and Jesus is the best king! 

Retail Price: $11.99

Special Offer: 35% off retail.  Coupon code – KIDMIN20 - Expires October 31, 2020




God Made Me for Worship 

Sitting in a worship service for the first time can be a difficult experience for a young child. God Made Me for Worship by author Jared Kennedy helps children ages four to eight piece together all of the different parts of worship using the vision of Isaiah 6. 

Retail Price: $15.99

Special Offer: 35% off retail.  Coupon code – KIDMIN20 - Expires October 31, 2020





Biblical Worldview

Discover what a biblical worldview is, why it matters, and how to establish this foundation in the life of a child. Filled with practical tools and ideas, Biblical Worldview will help you lead children to lifelong faith in Jesus and a fruitful ministry serving him in the world.



WonderBorn Studios

Little Worship Company Preschool Curriculum 

$99 per series

Designed with lots of early discoveries of God for 2-5 year olds. Includes Bible verses, crafts, coloring sheets, video clips, music videos and more. Four bonus family worship services are included and a home-based app allows parents to continue the same faith journey at home.


God Rock's Elementary Curriculum

All-new curriculum supported with high-quality media in a large group/small group format. The 6 lesson series are heavily branded with the fun and engaging God Rocks! characters. Every Bible-based lesson comes packed with 90 minutes of content, each focused on one of Jesus’ parables.

$99 per series


Go! Curriculum

Light it Up: GO! Christmas Unit for Elementary  

Christmas is sometimes referred to as the season of light.  Not just because of the colorful lights you see hanging on houses and trees, but because we celebrate the birth of Jesus—the Light of the World.  During “Light it Up,” kids will get clues about the contents of a present.  At the flip of a switch, the present will light up, magically revealing its contents and shedding light on the amazing story of Jesus’ birth. 

Regular: $99    Conference Special: $30



Tippy’s Merry Mouse House: GO! Christmas Unit for Preschool  

Tippy has tiptoed into the preschool room and scurried off with the Christmas story pictures. Together, the preschoolers get to peek into Tippy’s festive Mouse House and search for the pictures amongst all the other doodads that Tippy has collected. It’s a yuletide search that culminates in the discovery of God’s greatest gift—baby Jesus. 

Regular: $75. Conference Special: $25




Touchless Check-In 

Get touchless check-in with KidCheck Express Check-In. No need to use a check-in station or stand in line. Parents check-in using their own smartphone. Perfect for germ management and social distancing.



Sea Kids Publishing

Sea Kids Workbook 

This fun, educational, reproducible, workbook is designed to accompany the Sea Kids books and the animation series. Using open-ended questions, quizzes, and word searches, each lesson will help reinforce the biblical principles being taught. 

Retail Price:  $17.99

Sale Price:    $10.00 – code: WBMegaCon20


Sea Kids DVD 3 – (plays on game consoles)

Carter learns that spending time with real friends is far better than playing video games. Mandy learns to be thankful and appreciative. Susie learns the importance of communicating truth with love. They pray to Jesus for help and guidance.

Retail Price: $12.99 

 Sale Price: $10.00 – code: DVDMegaCon20



Lead Volunteers

Lead Volunteers is the most comprehensive leadership resource to recruit, train and retain volunteers. This Master Course + Download System includes over 70 training videos, 60 downloadable resources, and training guides. Lead Volunteers will help you get organized, retain volunteers and avoid burnout.

Lead Volunteers Master Course

Retail price: $997    Special offer: $795 (use promo code LV795)



David Laflin

Ultimate Gospel Download

60 Videos and 12 E-Books!  Learn gospel illusions, presentation tips, warmups and wake-ups and more.  



Launch Downloadable Lesson

"Launch" explores the story of Gideon and how each of us to successfully launch something new in our own lives! 

Includes (5) coloring pages and (2) rocket templates - easily reproducible for your ministry!
Retail Price:  $19.97

Special Price:  $9.97



Jesus Never Changes Downloadable Lesson

In this downloadable lesson David Laflin performs an amazing illusion and then teaches an awesome illusion that you and the kids in your ministry can do!  Includes video, outline, graphics, and a PDF instructions.

Retail Price:  $14.97

Special Price:  $7.47



Illusions Book Download

30 Amazing gospel illusions that will equip you to share the life changing message of Jesus.  All of these can be made with normal household items.  Each illusion presented includes a bible verse, concept, materials needed, word for word what to say, and helpful tips.  

Retail Price: $5.98

Special Price: $2.98



Creative Illusions for Kidmin E-Book

Learn 10 amazing illusions that are simple to do, yet present a powerful message!

Retail Price:  $4.98

Special Price:  $2.98



Gospel Illusions Starter Kit

More than 52 lessons (each week for a year!) with gospel illusions.  Fun, easy to do illusions that are fantastic teaching tools!  Includes Illusions Book, Change Bag, Change Bag DVD, Stiff Rope, Versatile Silk Set, 18” Jesus Silk, and Illusions for Kidmin Book. 

Retail Price:  $130

Special Price:  $97


Martha Yamnitz

The Bible and Me & Jesus Calms the Storm and Me

We all go through storms in our lives, from the gentle rains to a thunderstorm or even a terrifying tornado.  What do you do when a storm comes?  Life-application questions help children grasp how this Bible story relates to the storms in their lives and the powerful help Jesus provides.  

Retail Price – $15.95

Special Mega-Con Price - $12.00 use code MEGA2020 at checkout

Offer good through November 2020



Jesus, the Four Friends and Me

Jesus, the Four Friends and Me takes readers through the adventure of the paralyzed man and his determined friends as they seek healing from Jesus. Life-application questions placed on each page help children embrace how this great Bible story relates to their friendships and relationship to Jesus today.  

Retail Price – $15.95

Special Mega-Con Price - $12.00

use code MEGA2020 at checkout - Offer good through November 2020



Breaking Down Idioms – Dr. Janielle Nordell

Breaking Down Idioms, Book #1 - How Can God Be a Rock?: A Children's Guide to Idioms in the Bible 

As the first book in the series, Dr. Nordell was inspired by her children to help her son and others on the autism spectrum understand 10 common idiomatic expressions in the Bible, using both picture and word. A great resource for kids of all ages and abilities at home, Sunday School, or homeschooling.

Retail Price: $11 (tax included)

Special offer: 20% off with code MEGACON2020 on our website


Breaking Down Idioms, Book #2 - From the Heart: A Children's Guide to Idioms in the Bible

From the Heart is the second book in the series. This time, 10 biblical idioms revolving around the heart are broken down in simple yet clever ways with picture and word. A great resource for kids of all ages and abilities at home, Sunday School, or homeschooling.

 Retail Price: $11 (tax included)

 Special offer: 20% off with code MEGACON2020 on our website


Breaking Down Idioms, Books 1 & 2 bundle

Buy both books and save $5! Each book explains 10 commonly referenced idioms in the Bible using both picture and word. A great resource for kids of all ages and abilities at home, Sunday School, or homeschooling.

Retail Price: $17 (tax included)

Special offer: Extra 20% off with code MEGACON2020 on our website


From the Heart Coloring Book, Digital Download

Illustrations from our 2nd book, From the Heart, are adapted for traditional coloring as well as color-by-number. Available as a PDF file for immediate download.

Retail Price: $3.99 (tax included)

Special Offer: FREE with any purchase



Deeper Kidmin

Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt Event: Take your Easter Egg Hunt to the next level! Host a unique glow in the dark Easter Egg Hunt that teaches kids about John 8:12 and how Jesus is the Light of the World. 





$79.95 for one or SAVE $20 with both sets

Yancy makes the BEST kids worship videos. Her popular series “Little Praise Party” is back with NEW songs perfect for preschool and early elementary ages. This super-sized worship resource features motion tutorials, worship leader trainings and coloring pages for each song. This is a MUST HAVE for your kidmin!




$99.95 Plus SAVE $30 On Worship Videos 

Teach the heart of worship to your preteen & elementary kids with this highly acclaimed “Game Changer” 5-lesson curriculum. Choose from 90 minutes of content per lesson including Large & Small Group, Video Clips, Take-Home Backstage Passes, Social Media Plan and more. You are going to LOVE this curriculum. 




National Center for Biblical Parenting

THRIVE! Church Program

The THRIVE! Church Program is great for small group discipleship and parent training. Twelve sessions each include video teaching, downloadable attendee pages, discussion questions, and at home family activities. Equip parents to develop godly character and life skills in their kids.

Retail Price: $99

Special Offer: Save 30% with Coupon Code KIDMIN20




Great Commission Publications

Growing in God Video Teaching Series - $74.99

  • 13-lesson teacher manual 
  • Bible story visuals
  • 13 student papers for in-class and at-home use PLUS DIGITAL EXTRAS!


Growing in God Student Pack - $11.99

  • 13 Bible Story Videos 
  • 13 Coloring and Activity PDFs
  • 13 Parent Page PDFs for home
  • Psalm 121 Memory Helps
  • 3 Song Lyric Videos


Pilgrims Progress Deluxe Teacher Kit - $85


Pilgrims Progress Student Packets - $14.99 ($45 value) 

  • 13-chapter storybook and map
  • 13 activity papers with additional activity papers for older kids ... PLUS
  • Free dramatic reading download
  • Free songs for the journey download
  • Free parent page PDF for study at home


God’s Story Bible Coloring Book - $27.99

  • Bible story pictures from Genesis to Revelation
  • 332 pages with topical and scriptural indexes
  • Reproducible
  • 158 coloring pages, perforated
  • Coordinated activities for every age



Barbour Publishing

Would You Rather... ? An Interactive Devotional Journal and Sketchbook for Adventurous Kids

Would you rather. . .

Be bombed with giant hailstones? (Joshua 10:1-11)  OR

Be chased from your hometown by swarms of angry hornets? (Joshua 24:11-13)

This fun, interactive devotional journal and sketchbook for the adventurous kids in your life will keep them entertained while they learn about some of the weird, gross, and unbelievable stories found in the Bible. Dozens of Bible story-based devotions alongside wonderfully unexpected "Would You Rather. . .?" journal prompts and sketch pages will help kids dig deeper into their Bibles, as they learn that God's Word is never boring, and it always applies to their everyday lives!

Retail Price - $12.99

Special Offer - KidMin MegaCon 2020 online attendees can receive 25% Off the Retail Price Plus Free Shipping  on all Barbour Publishing children's products purchased via the weblink below when you use the code MEGACON at checkout  (1 code use per customer).  



GEMS Girls Clubs

U & ME Conversations Kit
The LOVED. U & ME Conversations Kit is an engaging Bible study that strengthens a tween girls’ relationship with God and her mom. Each Kit includes a Grown-Up Guide, Girl’s Guide, plus fun, girl-friendly items to engage your daughter. Get yours today for only $29.97 

Retail Price: $36.95

Special Offer: $29.97


GEMS Magazines: SHINE brightly and Sparkle Magazine

SHINE brightly (grades 4-6) and Sparkle Magazine (grades 1-3) Magazines equips girls to handle tough issues and know they’re not alone. These Truth-filled resources will provide girls with fun through crafts, stories, quizzes, and age-appropriate tools and tips! Use MEGAON20 discount for 20% off through 11/01/2020.

SHINE brightly Subscription: $16.95 USD

Sparkle Subscription: $13.50 USD

Special Offer: 20% off with MEGACON20 valid through 11/01/2020



Matt Adams Ministries

Truth Finders Bible Curriculum

Truth Finders is a 5-week Bible program perfect for Sunday mornings! It works for both digital and in-person events. It's a turnkey program that includes illusions and Bible lessons by Matt Adams, music by Yancy, games, crafts, and more! The Truth Finders Bible Program places a premium on God's Word and shows how we should always seek Truth from the Bible. 




Game Changer is a small group game created by CIY SuperStart that your Preteens will love! This game is not only fun, but it also teaches the Gospel and how to share it with others. A deck of Game Changer Cards and dice for each player is needed to play.  

Retail Price: $5 for cards and $1 per dice.




When you purchase a year subscription of our new digital weekend curriculum, Brite, you will receive a free copy of our book Resilient: Child Discipleship and the Fearless Future of the Church. 

Brite digital weekend curriculum is designed to fit your space at church, home or online during these unique times. When you subscribe to Brite you will receive a copy of our new book, Resilient, that focuses on the key factors that truly contribute to effective, long-term child discipleship. 



Uncle Charlie – Valued By God

Carlitos, the Joshua 1:9 Be Brave plush comfort monkey is Kidmin’s #1 Ministry Tool for kids going through tough times!  MegaCon Shoppers take $5 off by using the coupon code Carlitos5 in the shopping cart through next Friday, October 16th(Retail Value $20) 


Take 50% off of anything in Uncle Charlie’s download store!  Tons of videos to choose from:  Mighty Minutes, Carlitos Scripture Talks, and all of UC’s music videos and bundles (including his entire music library!).  Use the coupon code Mega50 in the shopping cart through Friday, October 16th! 



David C Cook

The Action Bible Expanded Edition: God's Redemptive Story

The Action Bible presents more than 230 fast-paced narratives in chronological order, making it easy to follow the Bible’s historical flow and building up to the thrilling climax of God’s redemptive story. This NEW edition includes 25 new stories, 23 expanded stories, and 128 new pages of illustrations!

Value: $29.99   



The Advent Storybook: 25 Bible Stories Showing Why Jesus Came

Add the Advent Storybook to your family holiday traditions and enjoy the rich images and thoughtful retellings of ancient stories that feature God’s recurring, faithful promise to rescue us. Parents and children alike will delight in the biblical messages of joy, hope, and peace every day as they look forward to celebrating Jesus’ birth.

Value: $13.99



Ann Wilson Books & Christian Products

Wrap You Up In Jesus Name Baby Blankets 

Retail value $28. These soft and cozy WYUIJN micro fleece blankets are great for baby dedications, shower gifts, and outreach ministry’s. Size 30 x 40. Available in colors pink, blue, white/silver, white/gold. The show price for these cuddly blankets is $24.00.


Wrap You Up In Jesus Name Adult Blankets

These warm blankets 50x70 and the perfect gift/pick-me-up for your elderly friends, widows, or other friends and family quarantined during this virus. They are also great Christmas presents. Colors are Navy, Black, Cream, White Burgundy, Red. Purple, Pink, Grey.

Retail Value: $45 


Wrap You Up In Jesus Name Adult Jackets

These Jackets are perfect for the upcoming cooler weather! Retail value $48. These warm and cozy full-zip long sleeve jackets with a hood are available in sizes small - 2XL in colors red, black, light grey, charcoal, forest green, and hot pink. (colors may vary according to sizes).


The Wrap You Up In Jesus Name Book

This Christian book is a great devotional for young parents. The book shares scriptures and helps teach parents ways to raise their children and love them according to God’s word. It also teaches us how to put the Love of Jesus in the hearts and minds of our children. In this book, you will also learn the Wrap You Up In Jesus Name Prayer. Retail Value 11.95


Follow Me To Bethlehem Shirts for Women and Children

The Follow Me To Bethlehem Shirts are our newest product. They are long sleeved T-shirts which will be great for cooler weather. Start celebrating Christmas early with our Follow Me To Bethlehem Shirts. Adult shirts come in sizes small - 2XL and the childrens come in XS - YL. Adult Shirts Retail $24 Children 19.95.


Don’t forget about the show special! You get a free book with each blanket or jacket order. Limit one book per Ministry or Family. All items will be available at this link. 



RoseKidz Publishing

Visual Bible Verse Devotions: 52 Weeks of Memorizing God’s Promises                  

Perfect for families who want to keep Scripture close to their hearts! For an entire year, kids will learn Bible verses along with a true-to-life story to illustrate its meaning and questions that will encourage thoughtful discussion. Ages 5 to 10. 50% off October 5-9.



The Super-Sized Book of Bible Activities

Featuring fun activities that kids can do by themselves, or with parents/teachers, each activity has a brief Bible reference, memory verse, "What you need,” and "What to do.” These activities reinforce Bible lessons and home devotions, bringing fun back to learning. Ages 5 to 10. 50% off October 5-9.



Miss PattyCake – Jean Thomason

Sharing God’s BIG LOVE with Little Lives

For new parents, grandparents, and anyone who works with little children…Equip yourselves to know better how to talk to your children about God, lead your little ones into a relationship with Jesus, and listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit!

Get the paperback book or the audiobook. (STUDY GUIDE COMING SOON!)

Book - $15.99 retail    Special Price $10.99


Miss PattyCake's Parade of Praise board book is complete with instruments! Read the book, make a joyful noise, and have a PARADE OF PRAISE!



CTA – Christ to ALL

20% Off Three Fun Christmas Activities!

Fa La La La Lights! Scavenger Hunt Game (#FLLXXSG) Game materials include activities for up to 25 participants!     20% off - Price was $7.99; your price only $6.39 per game


Best. Day. Ever. Christmas Quiz Show (#MFMXXDG) Fun digital game for older elementary kids and their families featuring a Jeopardy-style question-and-answer game. (PowerPoint required to play; game file downloadable). 20% off - price was $9.99;your price $7.99.


Miracle in the Manger Christmas Preparation Set (MIMXXCS) Help families prepare for Christmas with this set that includes a goodie bag, a softcover storybook, and a 25-day Countdown to Christmas Unscramble sticker activity card. 20% Off - Price was $1.49 ; your price only $1.19 per set.



Nathaniel’s Hope

Hope Lives

Hope Lives is the story of Nathaniel, a courageous little boy born with multiple special needs. Told from Nathaniel's perspective, his story of ultimate victory will provide insight and guidance on how to walk alongside a family with special needs and bring you hope no matter what situation you face. 

Retail - $15           

Special offer - $10 using code MegaCon



9 Square in the Air

9 Square in the Air Deluxe Game Set!

Great group game for building community in ministry!  Churches can save $150 coupon code MEGACON. Normally $799, get yours for only $649 plus shipping.  



SOAR Special Needs

Wonderfully Made Special Needs Virtual Conference Full admission/VIP package - Oct 19-23, 2020. Save $100. Code; KidzMatter2020

Learn to include families with disabilities in your KidMin! Promo code gives you a FREE VIP ticket, which provides you access to EVERY Conference talk for a full year PLUS bonus material that will be added throughout the year to help you in serving individuals with disabilities in your KidMin!




Jingle Jam Christmas Family Event Kit

Simply Christmas? It can be when you bring families together for a shared memorable experience. This FREE event kit includes everything you need to “simply” host a fun family-centered event celebrating God's greatest gift of Jesus. This complete experience package offers an easy scripted program with an event planning kit to help you plan, rehearse, and host a one-of-a-kind experience for the families in your community.


Orange VBS; Press Play

Next summer we’re turning up the volume at VBS to remind each kid that they can have confidence because of Jesus. Get everything you need to create a VBS experience(in person or virtual) filled with fun, laughter, and a lot of God's Word. Be sure you provide the VERY BEST SUMMER no matter what with Orange VBS.

Learn more at Orangevbs.com


Orange Kids Curriculum 

Orange Kids Curriculum provides an authentic and innovative faith experience for kids at church and at home. Equip yourself with a children’s ministry curriculum and comprehensive strategy by aligning the most important voices in a kid’s life: parents and small group leaders. Get a free month.



Doorpost Songs

Get ready for Christmas! Experience the power of God’s Word in your worship throughout the advent season. Check out our Christmas Store with Lyric (stereo, instrumental, & split-track), Motion & Tutorial Videos, Family Worship Guides, Print Music, Stems, CDs and Bulk Bundles.




Let Go & Run Beside - The Essentials of Intentional Preteen Ministry

A NEW BOOK written by 20-year preteen ministry veteran Sean Sweet for ministry leaders and their teams. Explores 10 essentials of intentional preteen ministries and provides a practical foundation as you build a ministry where 9-12 year olds take ownership of their faith in Jesus Christ.



Stickers and More

Click this link (below) and enter our drawing for an awesome Acoustic Epiphone Guitar! 

The winner will be drawn from the sign ups we receive during Mega Con 2020 – October 5 – 9, 2020.




Get Worship Songs That Make Scripture Stick!
Jumpstart3 would like to give you a $15 scripture song worship video bundle with motions! This download gives you Lyric videos, hand motion videos, mp3 audio and even a chord chart for your worship team. Our songs are 100% scripture and 100% fun!



Rice Bowls

Kids feeding kids free mission project

Rice Bowls are a fun and free fundraising mission project for your group to provide food to orphaned children. Giving and service are intangible concepts and can be difficult for kids (and adults...) to grasp. A Rice Bowls campaign in an easy way to bring these concepts to life. Plus, you[re helping our children's homes rescue, love, and feed the kids in their care. 



Matt Adams Ministries

The Best Gift: A Christmas Special with Spot


The Best Gift is a Bible program perfect for a Sunday morning children's hour! It works for both digital and in-person events. It's a turnkey program that includes illusions and Bible lessons by Matt Adams, music by Yancy, games, crafts, and more! The Best Gift tells the story of the wisemen coming to see Jesus and emphasizes the best gift of the story -- a gift better than gold, frankincense, or myrrh!